Friday, June 9, 2017

Victoria Trip June 6, 7, and 8, 2017

I caught the C-Tran bus at 6:00am for downtown Vancouver and transferred to another bus at 6:20 for Marshall Center.   We departed Marshall Center in Vancouver, Washington about 7:30AM.  We made a stop in route. We caught the Black Ball Ferry out of Port Angeles for Victoria, B. C. The ferry ride to Victoria was about 1 1/2 hours.  I  had a chicken wrap for lunch.  When we reached Victoria we rode a little harbor boat in two shift.  I was going with the second shift.  I had accidently spilled about a 1/4 of a small bottled water in my lap before we got off the shuttle bus so it gave me time to dry out in the sun.  Afterwards we went to our hotel to check in.  I was given Room 434 at the far end of the corridor.  It was a corner suite with a great view out of the bedroom window of Parliament in the distance.  We boarded the bus to return to downtown.  Carol and I walked several blocks south on Government Street.  We had dinner at the Sticky Wicket.  I had Fish 'n Chips and a glass of white wine.  Back at the hotel I watched "America's Got Talent" on television.  I had a great night's sleep.
I had a Nature Valley Bar and Apple Juice for breakfast that I got from home.  We had a self guided tour of the Craigdarrock Castle.  I much prefer Pittock Mansion in the Portland West Hill.  After the Castle we went to Buchart Gardens.  I immediately went to The Dining Room where I had a marvelous Afternoon Tea.  I did the Virtual Cache.  And then wandered around the gardens until time to leave.  We drove to downtown harbor.  Carol and I did several Virtual Caches including the one at Christ Church.  We stopped at the food carts near the Royal BC Museum where Carol got a Wild Salmon burger.  We shared a free large cup of lentil soup.  Carol and I saw the IMAX 3D film of "Beauty and the Beast".  We caught the 30 bus back to the hotel.
I watched the Comey hearing on CNN until 9:30am.  We headed for the Royal BC Museum and a self guided tour.  I got my hand stamped and immediately headed for the cafe for a lemon poppyseed muffin and cup of Earl Grey tea.  I wandered around the exhibits until time to leave.  We sat in the bus from 1:00 to 3:30 waiting to board the ferry.  Argh!  I bought some gorp from the snack machine and drank bottled Apple Juice that I bought from home.  The ferry returned us to Port Angeles where we had dinner at Kokopili Grill.  I had a marvelous slice of cheesecake.  We made a stop once again partway back to Vancouver.  We didn't get home until midnight!
Next trip I need to check out Venus Sophia.  And see the rest of the exhibits at the Royal BC Museum.  And have lunch at the Legislature.  And so much more.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

deja vu

Today President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  The Trump administration may seek to replace Comey with someone who will close the Russian probe.  It wasn't the crimes that brought down Richard Nixon - it was the cover-up.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Trump's Rules

Trump's rules on which he was raised:

Never use your own money. Steal a good idea and say it's your own. Do anything to get publicity. Remember that everybody can be bought.

Everybody but the House Freedom Caucus.

Trip to Walt Disney World/Sea World  March 17 - 24, 2017

What is there to do at WDW/Sea World if you do not ride the rides?  It turns out there a lot of fun things to do.  And some disappointments.
I used a large chunk of my frequent flyer miles for a bulkhead seat in First Class.  I reserved a room on the top floor with a balcony at the Comfort Inn Buena Vista.  It is a great location for city bus transportation to Disney Springs, Comfort Inn Shuttle to WDW and Sea World, and nearby markets and restaurants.
I took a Blue Star Shuttle ($37 RT) to Portland (PDX), checked free two bags, cleared TSA precheck, and saw a couple short films at Hollywood Theater.  I relaxed in Alaska Lounge.  The flight left from PDX at 6:40am, arriving Orlando (MCO) at 3:07pm.  I collected my luggage and took a Mears Shuttle to the Comfort Inn.  I had dinner of Fish & Chips at nearby Hooters. 
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Saturday,  March 18.  I traveled on Bus #50 to Disney Springs.  Interesting place.  I had a Turkey Havarti Sandwich and Shortbread Cookies for lunch at Starbucks at 1:40pm.  I hosted a Geocaching Event at 6:30.  I gave each cacher a Goodie bag when they signed the log.  I gave three prizes for the cachers who had the most Earthcaches, the most Virtuals and the most Benchmarks.  One of my best Events.  Highlights: photo of young boy at Sit-by-Me statue of Patrick Kavanagh (1904–1967), an Irish poet and novelist; lunch at Starbucks patio overlooking the tethered hot air balloon and the lake; and riding the ferry boat on the lake.  I caught the #50 bus back.  I walked to Domino's Pizza from the Comfort Inn and got a pizza for dinner.
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Sunday, March 19.  I traveled on Shuttle to Epcot Transportation Center.  I got a greatly reduced WDW four day ticket with Park Hopper.   Epcot is my all time favorite place but not on a Sunday and not during Spring Break!  I had the Cheese Plate at U.K. Rose and Crown.  R&C updated the plate which was disappointing.  I met Stephen Twining - the 10th generation of the Twinings tea dynasty.   I took a guided tour of the English Tea Garden.  I saw the films at several Pavilions.  I was deeply disappointed that Norway had changed its ride.  I had a Yogurt Parfait at Norway Kringla Bake.  Highlights: flowers in profusion (Flower and Garden Festival), Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Butterfly Haven, Canadian pavilion "O Canada!" film; China Acrobats, and the two boat rides - Living with the Land and the Mexico Pavilion.  I caught the 8:00 shuttle back to the Comfort Inn.   I had leftover Dominos Pizza for dinner.
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Monday, March 20.  I traveled on Shuttle to Epcot Transportation Center.   I ended up visiting the incredible Wilderness Lodge near Magic Kingdom where I took several photos of the massive 82 foot tall, three sided stone Geological Fireplace.  The lodge was inspired by Early American National Parks Service lodges.  I traveled by Shuttle to Animal Kingdom.  Paloma at Disney Services helped me set up the Disney App and taught me how to set up the Fast Pass.  I had a Fruit Cup, Blueberry Scone and Earl Grey Tea at Starbucks for lunch.  Highlights: Kilimanjaro Safari and live shows - Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo - The Musical.  I was disappointed that I missed Flights of Wonder in Asia.  I had dinner at Flame Tree Barbecue of Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich with Cole Slaw and French Fries.  I traveled back to Epcot where I caught the 8:00 shuttle back to the Comfort Inn.
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Tuesday, March 21.  I traveled on Shuttle to Epcot Transportation Center.   I rode the Monorail to Disney Transportation Center.  I rode the Ferry Boat to the Magic Kingdom.  I got a Mickey Mouse vanilla ice cream cone at the Ice Cream Parlor.  I really like the Fast Pass.  Highlights: Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bear Jamboree and the Haunted Mansion.  I did not have a good tour guide on the Jungle Cruise.  I loved the Golden Horseshoe show but it is unfortunately gone.  I had lunch of Lobster Roll at Columbia Harbour House.  I found a great location in Frontierland  to watch the beginning of the 3:00 Disney Parade.  I had Blueberry Cobbler at Columbia Harbour House at 4:15.  I traveled back to Epcot where I caught the 8:00 shuttle back to the Comfort Inn.
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Wednesday, March 22.  I traveled on Shuttle to Sea World.  I saw all of the shows.  I saw the Killer Whale/Orca show twice.  This is the last year of the killer whale show.  I had a delicious slice of Carrot Cake at Voyagers Smokehouse for lunch.  Highlights: Shark Encounter (the escalator was not moving so I had lots of time to watch the sharks), Killer Whale/Orca shows and the Caribbean Flamingos.  I got a Smoked Turkey Sandwich and a Cheesecake at Cypress Bakery to take back to the Comfort Inn for dinner.  I got back late as the shuttle did not pick me up on time (7:15 instead of 6:45).  I got back in plenty of time to watch "Survivor".
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Thursday, March 23.  I traveled on Shuttle to Epcot Transportation Center.   I rode the monorails to the Magic Kingdom.  I rode the kids rides - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, it's a small world, Peter Pan's Flight and saw Under the Sea.  I had lunch at Columbia Harbour House of Shrimp Platter with Fries and Cole Slaw.  I went back to the great location in Frontierland to watch the beginning of the 3:00 Disney Parade.  It started sprinkling when I got to Tomorrowland.   I rode the PeopleMover (saw inside Space Mountain!) and rode the Carousel of Progress.  Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Hall of Presidents were closed.  I got a Mickey Mouse vanilla ice cream cone at the Ice Cream Parlor.  The entire Disney monorail system was shut down so I caught a bus to Epcot and then caught the 6:00 shuttle back to the Comfort Inn.  I am absolutely exhausted.
I did not write about everything that I saw and did - just the highlights.  I do regret that I did not spend more time exploring Disney's Wilderness Lodge and grounds.  And take time to have Afternoon Tea at Disney's Grand Floridian Garden View Tea Room.
I rose at 6:00am for 6:30 breakfast on Friday, March 24.  I walked several blocks about 9:00 to find a Mystery Cache - Crossroads.  I packed my suitcases.  The Mears shuttle picked me up at 12:30.  I got to the airport early.  No First Class Lounge.  The flight left at 4:07.  Plenty of leg room again in a First Class Bulkhead Seat.  There was only about 15 minutes that the seat belt light was turned off.  Very rough flight.  I arrived Portland Airport about 7:30, picked up my luggage and walked across to Blue Star shuttle pickup.  Cold and rainy.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What did the President know, and when did he know it??

Saturday morning Trump tweeted that Obama had his 'wires tapped'.  Obama, of course, did not tap Donald's phones but someone else may have.  The FBI?  The CIA?  M16?
What did Obama know and when did he know it??
Just how many top administration officials had just how many undisclosed meetings with Russian officials?  The list grows daily.
What does Trump know, and when did he know it?

All the President's Men

President Donald Trump defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions as an "honest man" who misspoke about his contacts with Russian officials during confirmation hearings, in a statement released late Thursday night by the White House.
What was the "honest man" covering up?  Did no one learn the lessons of Watergate?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

All the President's Men

Watch the DVD "All the President's Men" with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman.  Also read the book "All the President's Men" by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.   It wasn't the crimes that brought down Richard Nixon - it was the cover-up.